Naming & Titles
Titles Forbidden Spirit
Spirit of Chaos
God of Chaos
Spirit of Purification
Personal Information
Race Spirit
Homeworld Lower world
Affiliation Itself
Relations Victor Delacroix (part of it)
Siela Riviere (part of it)
Current status Inactive
Behind the Scenes
Theme song Massive Strokes
Chaos Legion - Massive Strokes

Chaos Legion - Massive Strokes

Azrail is one of the two main antagonists of Chaos Legion, the other being Victor Delacroix.

Overview Edit

Naming Edit


Azrail's in-game appearance.

Azrail is the death deity in Hausa mythology, responsible for bringing early human death into the world. Azrael, the Archangel of Death in some extrabiblical traditions, is sometimes known as Azrail.

History Edit

Prior to Chaos Legion Edit

Chaos Legion Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Azrail power is so great that it if released could obliterate the entire world if given the chance. His dark aura alone was able to corrupt and take over Victor to the point of baring no feelings nor emotions.

Azrail's first phase summons monsters as he simply floats in front of the stage shooting lasers and missles at you.

Azrail's second phase is much more difficult. Azrail transforms into a demonic form of Siela. This time summons invisible monsters that can only be defeated by a special attack. Azrail also has two forms: the first form simply skates around the arena at high speeds and can charge at you if your not careful, the second form turns jet black and bears wings floating around the arena and can only be hurt by a legion. Both forms the can shoot high damaging lasers either descending from the sky or as a terrifying homing shot.

Battle Edit

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