Chaos Legion (カオス レギオン; Kaosu region) is a series of seven light novels written by Tow Ubukata and illustrated by Satoru Yuiga.

Synopsis Edit

In the arms of the silver-haired man, a woman laid as if she was asleep.

Blood flowed out of a chest that already stopped moving.

The man put a terrifying expression at this direction — staring at Indulgencia in the hand of a red-haired man. With swords already drenched in blood, the two of them had been lured to a future they couldn't go back from…

Celestial world and netherworld were separated by the land of chaos, Arcana. In that land, the red-haired Sieg Wahrheit, was chasing after one man — Delacroix. They carried the same dream once, two friends who fought together. However, presently they were enemies who tried to bring down each other. What had happened between the two of them? And what the conclusion will be?

Painful conflicts between everyone had just begun in earnest! The lasting bond was at risk, great forces of battle fantasy!! Come forth, Legion!!!

List of novels Edit

None of the English titles is official, just an attempt of translation by the wiki.

  • Chaos Legion - Chapter of the Crusade of a Magical/Demon Army (カオス レギオン 聖戦魔軍篇, Kaosu region seisen ma-gun-hen)
  • Chaos Legion 0 - Chapter of the Recruiting of the Magical/Demon Six Team (カオス レギオン0 招魔六陣篇, Kaosu region 0 zhāo ma-roku-jin-hen)
  • Chaos Legion 01 - Chapter of the St. Twins' Round Trip (カオス レギオン01 聖双去来篇, Kaosu region 01 hijiri sō kyorai-hen)
  • Chaos Legion 02 - Chapter of the Magical/Demonic March of Heaven (カオス レギオン02 魔天行進篇, Kaosu region 02 ma ten kōshin-hen)
  • Chaos Legion 03 - Chapter of the Wandering Dreams(カオス レギオン03 夢幻彷徨篇, Kaosu region 03 mugen hōkō-hen)
  • Chaos Legion 04 - Chapter of Heaven's Road of Sadness and Indecision (カオス レギオン04 天路哀憧篇, Kaosu region 04 ten-ji -hen)
  • Chaos Legion 05 - Chapter of the Sacred/Holy Flight (カオス レギオン05 聖魔飛翔篇, Kaosu region 05 shōma hishō-hen)
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