Novia Eldasha
Naming & Titles
Kanji/Kana ノヴィア・エルダーシャ
Romanization Novu~ia erudāsha
Titles Maiden of Silver
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Age Middle world
Relations Sieg Wahrheit (master)
Alice Hart (friend)
Behind the Scenes
Japanese voice actor Masumi Asano

Novia Eldasha is a maiden of silver and a thane of Sieg in the Chaos Legion novel series.

An ally and second-in-command of Sieg, Novia became blind because of her inability to inherit her mother's powers. In her lack of sight, however, she has special hallucinations.

Appearance Edit

She has purple eyes, chestnut hair and wears blue robes.

Speculations Edit

  • The power she couldn't master could be the "thousand miles eye" (万里眼, Marigan), of which nothing but the name is known to the wiki.
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