Sieg Wahrheit
Naming & Titles
Meaning German
  • Sieg = Victory
  • Wahrheit = Truth
  • Schwarz = Black
  • Ritter = Knight
  • Kanji/Kana ジーク・ヴァールハイト
    Romanization Jīku vu~āruhaito
    Titles Schwarz Ritter
    "Wolf Man"
    Personal Information
    Race Human
    Gender Male
    Homeworld Middle world
    Affiliation Order of St. Overia
    Gear Indulgencia
    Legions of Chaos
    Relations Victor Delacroix (friend)
    Siela Riviere (friend)
    Arcia Rinslet (partner)
    Novia Eldasha (thane)
    Current status Active
    Behind the Scenes
    Japanese voice actor Toshiyuki Morikawa
    "I'm the Schwarz Ritter, Sieg Wahrheit. I've been summoned by the sacred king and the wise elders of the temple."
    —Sieg Wahrheit in Chaos Legion's preface, page D.

    Sieg Wahreit is the main protagonist of the Chaos Legion novels. His name is often mistranslated as Zeke.

    History Edit

    Prologue Edit


    A young Sieg seen in a camp.

    Sieg was born in a frontier city of the northern continent at some point of Year 771, which was destroyed a year later, along with other 6 cities on a genocide. The massacre of those seven frontier cities (in which members of the Lacroix church were deeply involved) was an attempt by the Order of St. Overia to contain the rebellions that had taken control of the northern continent. Being rescued by the hands of refugees on Year 772, Sieg was taken to Gounod by Year 773, where he grew up. By July of Year 784, at 13 years of age, Sieg of Gounod engages on official gladiatorial combat for the first time, and not long later, meets the noble Victor Delacroix.

    Delacroix was astonished by the ability of summoning the mysterious power of "legion" that Sieg possessed, and stated that to get rid of conflicts, enemies needed to be saved as well. The two sealed their meeting with a handshake, and at that time, Victor predicted that Sieg was expected to "be the king of all people". At the insinuation that the king would be Delacroix, he replied by saying that if he'd ever take the Elysium, it'd be to cast it aside, and that by looking at an empty throne, people would engage in "the era of independence and arbitration", at which an admired Sieg replied by stating that all conflicts would fade in a land where everyone was their own king.

    United by the same ideal, a strong bond was forged between the two, and when Victor ascended to the title of knight by February of Year 786, the former gladiator was listed among his subordinates. The two of them met the maiden of silver Siela Riviere in December of the same year, as she had been appointed as chief healer.

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