This game has a total of 14 stages. Each stage is packed with monsters that Sieg, with the helps of his legions, will have to kill. Each stages has one or multiple bosses that have to defeat in order to complete the the stage


PROLOGUE: Rotarl - The Sacred Capital
STAGE 2: Dyfan - The Twilight City "Streets"
STAGE 3: Dyfan - The Twilight City "Central Block"
STAGE 4: Ruins of Murdoa
STAGE 5: Ruins of Murdoa "Core"
STAGE 6: Lakeside
STAGE 7: Misty Ravine
STAGE 8: Kuzca - The Grand Cave
STAGE 9: Forest
STAGE 10: The Forbidden City of Yzarc "Aerial Cloister"
STAGE 11: The Forbidden City of Yzarc "Core"
STAGE 12: Rotarl - The Sacred Capital "The Fallen City"
STAGE 13: St. Claire's Cathedral
EPILOGUE: The Hall of Chaos
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